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Your Guide to Eloping - How to Plan an Elopement or Intimate Wedding

Over the last few years elopements and intimate weddings have increased in popularity as couples are saying goodbye to the stress of putting on a big “production” for their wedding day. I think it is absolutely amazing that couples are finally realizing that less is often more when it comes to saying “I Do.”

I’ve been to my fair share of large weddings, both as a photographer and as a guest, and if I’m being honest, nine times out of ten, couples are so busy worrying about the hundreds of guests they invited that they forget their day is actually about THEMSELVES.

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Gus & Kathy: SoCal Rolling Hills Couples Session

Woweeee. I’m literally still swooning over this shoot from 2 weeks ago! SoCal weather did not disappoint, and we had the most gorgeous lighting as we ran around Chino Hills State Park.

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